Wireless Peripheral Nerve Stimulator​

Wireless peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) is a minimally invasive surgery that uses electrical current to treat peripheral nerve pain. Common indications for PNS include pain following nerve injury, and post surgical pain following shoulder, knee, and foot surgery.​

Piriformis injections are performed under fluoroscopic guidance (x-ray imaging). A small needle is inserted into piriformis muscle where both steroid and lPrior to implant of the device, a patient will first undergo both a diagnostic nerve block and a trial of the peripheral nerve stimulator. The block allows us to be sure the individual nerve is what is causing the pain and the trial allows us to find out if the individual responds to peripheral nerve stimulation.​ocal anesthetic are injected. This works by relaxing the muscle and reducing the inflammation and irritation.​

If the patient does well with the PNS trial, they then return at a later date for implantation of the device. Implantation consists of 2 small incisions where the device is placed under the skin next to the nerve. After implantation, the individual will wear a small separate device on the skin which communicates wirelessly to the implanted portion of the stimulator.​