ReActiv8 is a rehabilitative therapy designed to address impaired neuromuscular control and degeneration of the multifidus muscle (a stabilizing muscle in your low back).​

It is designed for people with chronic low back pain who have not had back surgery and have not responded to conservative treatments.​

The Procedure

  • It is a minimally invasive surgery that places to electrical leads to stimulate the multifidus muscle. The leads are connected to an implantable pulse generator which is placed under the skin in the upper buttock or low back area.​


  • Twice a day for 30 minutes you will turn on the device. This will generate a painless electrical pulse that will cause your multifidus muscle to contract and relax. Most describe this sensation as a deep massage.​


  • After one year, the ReActiv8-B clinical trial showed that 78% of patients were “definitely satisfied” with the treatment. Overall, 64% of patients had reduced their pain by half or more while 73% of participants had a 50% improvement in pain and/or disability. ​​